A portable laboratory —
on your phone.

Fast, flexible, accurate testing for POC, at-Home, and in the Field.

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how It Works

Rapid diagnostics for anyone anywhere

With the footprint of a laptop, KromaHealth Kit provides quantitative blood diagnostics in minutes.

Step 1

One drop of blood per test

Pipette your sample onto evice for the test you'd like to perform. Select from BIL, AST, ALT, GLU, or even Zika and other molecular tests

Use a pipette to place the sample onto the device.
Step 2

Place Device into the Kroma Development Box

Place the clover inside the analysis box and wait 30 minutes for the patented chemical reactions to occur.

Step 3

Place your phone on the Box and view your results

With the press of a button, the KromaHealth mobile app uses machine learning image processing to produce quantitative results instantly. Results are immediately available in the app and in your integrated EMR system of choice.

30 min
5 min
training time

Addressing unmet needs in rapid blood testing

Our blood testing solution addresses several long-standing problems in the blood testing and disease analysis field.

No Lab Needed
No need to mail samples to the lab or wait for results.
Fast Turnaround
30 minutes— from sample collection to quantitative results.
Fewer Missed Tests
Rapid testing reduces missed patient appointments and results.
Reduced Cost
Fewer logistics and time spent managing test results lowers operational costs.
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*Group K Diagnostics is currently undergoing submissions for FDA approval of its KromaHealth Kit product. The KromaHealth Kit and its tests are not FDA approved or for sale in the US.