Our Story


When It Started

Group K Diagnostics was born out of diagnostic obstacles observed in a local HIV clinic. Patients were constantly being lost prior to follow up because the time to receive results from diagnostics test is too long. HIV patients have a higher chance of liver or kidney toxicity from the antiretroviral drug regimen and if something is failing, clinics are oftentimes unable to contact patients to change their pharmaceutical regimen. The long follow-up times, or inability to follow-up, led to higher hospitalization rates, permanently lowered organ function, and increased multi-drug resistance. 

A particular case that stood out to us involved a pregnant mother diagnosed with HIV. The patient’s liver function was tested, but without results, doctors were unable to adjust her medication before she left the clinic. Although they discovered that the patient required further care, they were unable to reach her for 6 months. By that time, harmful complications had developed that will lead to extensive physical obstacles and financial expenses for both her and her child. 

The MultiNostic was created to eliminate harmful situations like these, so that patients can get the care that they need.  Development of the platform is complete, and our first panel, liver function, is going to clinical trial.