The MultiNostic Device

Our main product is the MultiNostic, a multi-test modular point of care (POC) diagnostic, that can be used with minimal to no training in any setting. Our device is based in paper microfluidic technology.  The current device can run three diagnostics with one blood drop, and a 6 diagnostic model is in production.

MultiNostic is modular in two ways: different diagnostic tests can be chosen and pre-printed to customize the device, and the sample used (blood, urine, or sputum/swab samples) may also be chosen by the customer.  

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The Software

The software is a key component of the system that allows the diagnostic results to be read with no human error. By simply taking a picture, our software used on an iOS phone translates color to actual quantitative results in seconds. Our software also alerts nurses and providers to expired tests, allows them to associate tests with a patient and patient record number. This form of quality management easily ensures that the right results are being attached to the right patient.

Our Metrics


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Our 20-minute MultiNostic test gives providers the speed they need to diagnose patients in the office, without sacrificing usability or accuracy.


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Our solution fits seamlessly into provider workflow to encourage low patient waiting times and avoid disrupting the pre-existing workflow.


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Our platform remains below insurance reimbursement rates to keep its benefits accessible to all potential users.