Why We Do What We Do--and How We Keep Doing It

When you're involved in a startup, it's easy to get caught up in the day to day.  Between paperwork and meetings and the mundane things in the corporate world, you can simply fall into a routine of just getting the job done.  However, that stalls innovation and prevents you from accomplishing the mission of the company.  

Here at Group K, we wanted to expand, innovate, and grow continually--to really create a culture that would allow these things to replace what what's mundane.  We created two goals/missions/mindsets to stop ourselves from falling into that trap.  

The first is that we never forget our mission, and we never forget the patients or experiences that have affected why we think about Group K like we do.  We each have different reasons for why Group K matters to us, and why we joined the team, but the common themes are these reasons: improving patient care and quality of life and easing the burden on healthcare providers so that they can more efficiently administer better healthcare.  

With these missions in mind, the second is that we also try to frequently "shake it up" a bit so that we continually remember our vision and strive to revise any of our practices if they don't fit the vision.  We change because we care, because at the end of the day it's people that matter, and that's at the heart of our mission.

So though our motto may be that we can complete a diagnostic test in 20 minutes or less, our true mission is helping and caring for humans--patients and providers alike. 

Brianna Wronko