Our Team


Brianna Wronko

Ceo and founder

Brianna Wronko has a BSE in Bioengineering from the University of Pennsylvania.  By training a nanofabrication and device engineer, she brings 6 years of research experience as well as her time in startups to Group K.  Additionally, she has valuable experience with FDA and governmental approval processes from her time at Five Eleven Pharma and GSK. Brianna's focus at Group K is on technological development and the vision of the company. 

Contact Brianna at brianna@groupkdiagnostics.com


Monica Kosciuk

software engineer

Monica Kosciuk is a full stack developer with experience working in front-end and back-end technologies to build mobile and web applications. She graduated with a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and, after working for several years in the nuclear industry, attended Launch Academy, an immersive full stack coding bootcamp. Monica has been coding throughout her life since high school and is always looking to learn new technologies. When Monica isn’t coding, she enjoys rock climbing, composing music, and improvising in front of crowds.

Contact Monica at monica.kosciuk@groupkdiagnostics.com


Jivan Ghadage

Back-end Software Engineer

Jivan Ghadage is Sr. Node.js  Engineer who has helped around four startups so get off the ground with their MVP. He joined the Group K team in early 2018. Jivan posses experience with 6+ complex web products and considers himself a startup enthusiast. Always looking for challenges, he loves to solve complex problems in order to make life easy for other people.

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Narayanan S


Front-End Software Engineer

Narayanan is a professional front-end developer with over 4 and a half years of job experience. During this time, he has worked with multiple programming languages such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, React Js, and Redux. Narayanan is passionate about providing a flawless user experience to the end users. His motto is to "always improve", as he strives to stay updated with new technologies and constantly learn. 


Prateek Rathore

Front-End Software Engineer

Prateek Rathore loves to create apps with Javascript and related web technologies. For the past 3 years, he has been building beautiful UIs that communicate the purpose of an application's existence to the user, focusing on seamlessness and simplicity. He likes to brainstorm and to visualise complex data by building custom web extensions that can reflect important insights.


Emilia Lopez-Ona

Business Development Intern

Emilia Lopez-Ona is a junior at the Wharton School of Business pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Economics with a Concentration in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management. She is the Business Intern at Group K Diagnostics and joined the team in the fall of 2017. Emilia has valuable strategic business planning and product management skills from her time at HealthEdge Software, as well as financial modeling skills for high growth companies from her time at Bloomberg Intelligence.

Contact Emilia at info@groupkdiagnostics.com


Oladunni Alomaja


research assistant

Oladunni Alomaja is a junior at the university of Pennsylvania pursuing a degree in bioengineering. Ola helps with the diagnostic development side of Group K diagnostics and joined the team Fall 2017. She pulls her experience on microfluidics from her work as a Research Assistant in Dr. Issadore’s lab, a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania. In her spare time, Ola loves to cook, play the piano and watch Criminal Minds.


Dayita Sharma

Manufacturing and lab assistant

Dayita Sharma is a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania pursuing a Dual Degree from the School of Engineering and Applied Science as well as The Wharton School. She is the Manufacturing and Research Assistant at Group K Diagnostics and joined the team Spring 2017. She has valuable biotechnology lab and strategic business planning skills from her time at Novus International. Dayita’s focus at Group K is to assist with the lab trials and testing. 




Elijah (Zixuan) Li

Elijah (Zixuan) Li is a masters graduate from University of Pennsylvania where he majored in Materials Science and Engineering. Prior to his time with Group K, he had been working in the fields of physical chemistry and nanotechnology for five years, with extensive experience in functional materials, device development and physical characterization. Elijah’s role at Group K was to develop and characterize paper-based multi-diagnostic device.

Elijah is currently a PhD student majoring Materials Science and Engineering at University of Texas at Austin.


Spencer Weiss

Spencer Weiss worked on diagnostic design and business development at Group K during the summer of 2017. 

Spencer is currently sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania pursuing a degree in Bioengineering from the School of Engineering and Applied Science and a degree in Management from the Wharton School as a part of the Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology.




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Roy Rosin, MBA

Roy Rosin is the Chief Innovation Officer at Penn Medicine, where he works with thought leaders from across the health system to turn ideas into measurable impact in the areas of health outcomes, patient experience, and new revenue streams.


Mohit Prajapati, MSc, MBA

Mohit Prajapati is the director of research and development, strategy, and operations at the Penn Medicine Center for Health Care Innovation. In this role, he works to leverage novel innovations from health care startups into measurable impact as it relates to improved patient care, improved quality, and cost reductions.  


Gyorgy Abel, MD

Dr. Gyorgy Abel is the Director of Clinical Chemistry, Molecular Diagnostics, and Immunology at the Lahey Hospital & Medical Center in Burlington, Massachusetts. He also serves as Clinical Instructor in Pathology at Harvard Medical School. He frequently speaks nationally on current issues in clinical pathology and molecular diagnostics.


Scott Friedman, MD

Scott L. Friedman, MD, is founding Dean for Therapeutic Discovery and Chief of the Division of Liver Diseases at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. In this capacity Dr. Friedman interacts widely with the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industries in drug discovery and development, and clinical trial design. 

Accelerators and Incubators


Dreamit Healthcare Accelerator

Spring 2017 

Dreamit provides unparalleled access to coaching, customers, and capital for startups with market-ready products who are ready to scale.



Spring 2017

VIP-C is Penn’s very own incubator. Every entrepreneur is welcome, from those who are still learning the basics of transforming an idea into a business plan, to savvy CEOs working on their second startup.



Fall 2017

VIP-X is an intense, 3-month accelerator program for the most dedicated student and alumni entrepreneurs and the most advanced startups in VIP-C.